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Permanent Recruitment

Permanent recruitment

Montare is well positioned and experienced to assist customers with the recruitment of permanent staff to either complement or to replace, your existing organisational IT talent. Our experience covers both the private and the public sector (local, state and federal).

It is well known that not all recruiters have the right recruitment personnel to recruit for your permanent roles. A recruiter specialising in permanent IT recruitment needs to:

  • Be far more in-tune with the candidates cultural or behavioral match.
  • Actually interview candidates and not take the “tick and flick” approach of just assessing suitability directly from a resume.
  • Always be honest and open about candidate suitability – not all candidates are perfect and referred candidates should be commented upon with far more candor.
  • Adjust the reference checking process to complement the interview process and the role characteristics. A standard reference question process for all roles is not good enough.
  • Understand candidate motivation, not just for leaving a current role, but the likelihood of the candidate accepting your role instead of others that they may be considering.

Montare’s core values are HONESTY, INTEGRITY AND RESPECT.  We ensure our consultants have a passion for conducting all permanent recruitment assignments correctly. Montare guarantees that our recruitment consultants have the credibility, industry knowledge and the maturity to assess the skill and competency characteristics of your next permanent employee with confidence.